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Pat Franklin Memorial Fund

Pat Franklin

A dedicated board member, fundraiser, promoter, and fan of Flying Deer, Pat Franklin was a major contributor to our achievements and successes. She believed deeply in FDNC's goals and vision, and is deeply missed by its board members, friends, and community. Pat's passion for art and nature, and her enthusiastic commitment to creating positive change for people and the planet, will inspire the work of this fund, which has been established through the generosity of family and friends to honor Pat's impact, and to create a legacy of love through support of artistic projects and scholarships for FDNC programs.

The Pat Franklin Memorial Fund is dedicated to the empowerment of earth stewardship through artistic expression in community. The fund accomplishes this through two ongoing initiatives: the Artist Scholarship Project and the Art in Community Project.

The Artist Scholarship Project enables students to come to Flying Deer programs they would not otherwise be able to attend. In return, the fund requests that these students create a work of art expressing the way in which nature and Flying Deer culture impacted them personally in the program. The work may be in the form of music, visual art, poetry, writing or theater, and will be shared formally with the student’s personal community, as well as with the Flying Deer community at large.

Apply for an Artist Scholarship.

The Art in Community Project offers financial support to Flying Deer initiatives that use artistic means to foster earth stewardship on a community and societal level.