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Michelle Apland

Executive Director

Michelle’s passion for the wild led her into environmental conservation early in life. When she was 19 she spent five-and-a-half months thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, which launched her into the world of wilderness skills. She soon began taking classes with the Tracker School in New Jersey, focusing on Philosophy and Healing. Michelle complements these studies with training in naturalist mentoring and community building with Wilderness Awareness School and Vermont Wilderness School. In 2001, Michelle earned degrees from Prescott College in Environmental Education and Eco-psychology. She has enhanced her skills by studying herbalism and mentoring with Lorene Wapotich of Her Feet on the Earth and becoming a Kripalu Yoga teacher. Michelle discovered Flying Deer Nature Center in 1999 and fell in love with the beauty of what she saw. She returned in 2000 to take a leading role in guiding its growth as a Naturalist Community. Michelle is passionate about working with children and families and specializes in leading programs for women and girls.

Michelle Apland, Executive Director

Devin Franklin

Director of Programs

Devin has loved exploring in and learning about nature since early childhood. He discovered his thirst for the Wilderness Teachings in 1994 and has been walking the wilderness path ever since. In his first four years, Devin studied Survival, Tracking, and Awareness skills with Dan Fisher of Wilderness School in Maine and Tom Brown Jr. at the Tracker School in New Jersey. He has trained for six years in Naturalist Mentoring and Community-Building skills through Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School, as well as Mark Morey and the Vermont Wilderness School. Devin received a degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College in Arizona in 2001. He joined Flying Deer Nature Center in 1998, where he was mentored by Leonard Brown in the ways of Coyote Teaching and the Medicine Wheel. Devin deeply loves working with children and nature through creating the Naturalist Community that has been his home since 1998. Devin and Michelle have been running and directing Flying Deer Nature Center since 2001 under the guidance and encouragement of Leonard and Deborah Brown, the center's founders and elders.

Devin Franklin, Programs Director

Josh Wood

Assistant Director of Programs

Josh brings his passion for outdoor living, primitive skills, tracking, and nature connection into focus as Assistant Director and instructor at Flying Deer. Drawing on his childhood experiences building forts, honing slingshot skills, and exploring wild places, he strives to create an environment for his students that reflects the fun, wildness, and freedom that children seek out naturally. He has traveled extensively around the country and studied with the Tracker School and the Wilderness Awareness School. His bow-making and frog-catching skills he owes to his two boys, Angus and Ezra. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing guitar and tenor banjo, chopping wood, and catching up on the latest happenings in the back 40. Keep your eye out and you might find him wandering Rattlesnake Den Mountain with his family. Josh holds a Level III Tracker certificate through Cybertracker Conservation.

Josh Wood, Assistant Programs Director

Kevin Bose


Instructor Kevin Bose has an endless supply of excitement and curiosity for bird language, wild plants, tracks, critters, stories, and any other natural mystery. He is grateful to have shared this enthusiasm with young  people, as a mentor for eight years at Forest Floor Wilderness Programs in Asheville, North Carolina, and now at Flying Deer. Kevin sees nature connection as a powerful tool not only for bringing out an individual’s gifts, but also for rebuilding the "village" in the human community. He is a graduate of the yearlong Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program, focusing on nature mentoring, culture repair, and permaculture  design, where he was mentored by Jon Young, Penny Livingston, and James Stark. Kevin also holds a master's degree in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community. He loves to explore the forest with his two boys as often as possible.

Kevin Bose, Instructor

Dan Corral


Dan Corral spent his childhood years roaming the fields and forests of the spirited and ancient landscape that Flying Deer calls home. At 14, he became the first counselor during the second year of Flying Deer summer camp, having been taken under the wing of Lenny Brown, the original Flying Deer founder. After years spent in Alaska and studying marine mammals in the Northeast and throughout the continent, Dan has returned to his roots. His heart is deeply connected to this land and to his work with children, which brings him immeasurable joy.

FDNC Staff: Dan Corrall

Theresa Wood


Theresa grew up free to roam in the wooded patches and sandy beaches of her childhood home. This play and freedom in nature led to a deep love and respect for the natural world that she is joyfully determined to pass on to children in Flying Deer programs. Over the past seven years, she has been involved first with the Wilderness Awareness School in Washington State and now with Flying Deer as a community member, student, instructor, and homeschooling parent. Her loves include plants, laughing, yarn spinning (both kinds), learning, hot chocolate, and rock topple.

FDNC Staff: Theresa Wood