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Rites of Passage Programs

Moon Tribe for Girls

The Moon Tribe group starting Fall 2017 is full, but we'll be starting another group in Fall 2018! Contact us to learn more.

Download Fall 2017–Summer 2018 schedules for New, Rising, and Crescent Moons below.

$1,000; $500 due upon registration, $500 by January 1
Nature and Community-Based Rites-of-Passage Program for Adolescent Girls.

We are enrolling a new group of Moon Tribe girls this fall!

Moon Tribe is a long-term coming-of-age program for girls, beginning at ages 11 to 13 and continuing over two and a half years. Now in its 11th year, Moon Tribe has been a rich, fun, and life-changing experience for many girls and women.

Moon Tribe is designed to support girls as they move through early adolescence, learning about themselves and the world and discerning their identities as young women. The program weaves community and consciousness around potent issues for growing girls and nurtures each girl's innate strength in herself and in her relationships with the earth, her peers, women mentors, and the circle of mothers. Fathers and families are woven into the experience as well. 

“When I started Moon Tribe, I felt like I was a different person everywhere I went—at home, at school, and with friends. I always liked the person I was at Moon Tribe best, and now I feel like that’s who I am all the time!”
—Moon Tribe graduate

"I can’t promote this program enough, truly. It is a big commitment, but it will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Our daughter was enriched by Moon Tribe in countless ways. Her courageous and self-motivated decision to go live in China for six months, her incredible emotional maturity in facing our family challenges, and her deep and abiding love of nature, all have roots that were deeply established in her three years of experiences in Moon Tribe."
—Moon Tribe parent

Payment Plan: Upon registration, you may pay full tuition of $1,000; half tuition of $500, followed by a second $500 payement; or one-third tuition of $250, followed by three additional payments of $250 each.

Want more details about Moon Tribe? E-mail us.

Download schedules for New Moons (first year), Rising Moons (second year), and Crescent Moons (third year) below.

Sacred Fire for Boys

Learn more about the program at an Open House on Tuesday, September 19, from 6:30–8:00 pm at Flying Deer!

Fall 2017–Summer 2018 dates can be viewed on our calendar, or scroll down to download a list of dates and events.

Sacred Fire: Boys' Rites-of-Passage Program
Flying Deer: Naturalist Training, Deep Connection to Nature, Self, and Others

Sacred Fire is a three-year wilderness rites-of-passage program for boys who wish to undertake a conscious journey into adolescence with the heartfelt support of family and community. The essence of this process is to create a world of deeper connection with Nature, Self, Community and Spirit.

The Sacred Fire community includes three groups of participants (Crayfish, Buckskins, and Dogwoods), program graduates (Fireboys), instructors, parents, "uncles" (mentors), and elders. First-year participants are Crayfish, second-years are Buckskins, and third-years are Dogwoods. If your son chooses to enroll in the Sacred Fire program, with parent support, his family joins eight or so other new families in becoming a tight-knit Sacred Fire community. 

Each year, the Sacred Fire calendar year begins in October and ends in July, and each year the three-stage rites-of-passage journey repeats itself in a unique way. The year includes a weekend campout in the fall, Adventure Days one Saturday a month from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm throughout the school year (with the exception of January and February), family potlucks, a Mothers' Ritual, and a five-day Initiation Weekend in June. 

Download dates and a full program description.

How can you tell if your son is ready for a rites-of-passage program? If he is between the ages of 13 and 15, chances are the answer is “yes,” whether he knows it or not. Here are some specific signs to look for:

  • His body is starting to grow fast, his voice is dropping...
  • His relationships are changing, he is feeling the awkwardness of social scenes...
  • There is tension developing in his relationships (especially at home)...
  • You are hearing him say things that make you say, "Did he just say that?!"
  • He is hungry for more freedom, feeling confined...
  • His is beginning to look for real challenges...
  • He is interested in participating in a coming-of-age rite of passage...
  • His family supports him to do so!

Payment Plan: Upon registration, you may pay full tuition of $900; half tuition of $450, followed by a second $450 payment; or one-third tuition of $300, followed by two payments of $300 each.

Download a full description of the program below, as well as dates for the Fall 2017 to Summer 2018 year.