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Summer Camp

Katydid Camp

For ages 4 and 5.

Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–1:00 pm

Katydid Week 1 (New Lebanon): June 18–22 
Katydid Week 2 (East Chatham): August 20–24 

Katydid Camp for the littlest nature lovers.

All the fun of Cottonwood Camp in a nurturing, rhythmic week. Children take part in a story-filled adventure exploring the abundant joy and wonder of the outdoors! We'll focus on creating comfort, fostering knowledge, and building self-reliance in nature. 

My daughter changed, grew, and became so much stronger through her week with you. She became so much more capable and able to take care of herself and be herself. She is brave! It was a miraculous change. I can see how much you have helped her on her path.
—Parent of a Katydid participant

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Enchanted Forest

For ages 6 to 9.

July 16–20

Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–3:00 pm


A living story that unfolds among the natural wonders of the woods! We will use pine cones, moss, sticks, stones, and other foraged materials to create a tiny village for the forest’s magical beings to call their home. But what will happen when a mysterious force brings our little village to life, causing the forest to fill with faeries, wizards, ogres, elves, dragons, and other enchanted creatures? Join us for our adventures in the Enchanted Forest, and find out!

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Cottonwood Camp

For ages 6 to 12.

Cottonwood Week 1 (New Lebanon): June 18–22
Cottonwood Week 2 (New Lebanon): June 25–29
Cottonwood Week 3 (New Lebanon): July 2–6
Cottonwood Week 4 (Housatonic, MA): July 23–27
Cottonwood Week 5 (New Lebanon): July 30–August 3
Cottonwood Week 6 (East Chatham): August 13–17 
Cottonwood Week 7 (East Chatham): August 20–24

Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–3:00 pm

10% sibling and multi-week discount; details below!

$335; $375 for Week 4 in Housatonic
Cottonwood Camp I for ages 6 to 12.

Cottonwood Camp Discount: Receive a 10% discount when you register two or more children at the same time OR when you register one child for two or more weeks of camp at the same time. Use discount code SUMMER10 at checkout.

This week lies at the heart and soul of Flying Deer. It's an exciting day camp for children who love to spend time outdoors with friends, learning about the forest and all its valuable teachings: mysterious animal tracks, delicious edible plants, curious insects, shelter, primitive fire-making, and other wilderness skills, not to mention fun songs, games, and stories!

We begin and end our day all together with morning and afternoon circles in the Flying Deer tipi, and spend our days adventuring in age-based groups. Each day will feature a different aspect of nature and wilderness skills. The various interests of each group, along with discoveries and inspiration during the week, will influence the areas of focus and emerging themes from week to week. 

For kids aged 10 to 12, our oldest age-based group offers a step up in connection to self, community, and the earth. They'll work on more advanced naturalist and survival skills while taking a step toward leadership and role modeling. 

Cottonwood Camp Week 4 takes place at North Plain Farm (formerly Project Native) on Route 41 in Housatonic, Massachusetts, and Cottonwood Camp Weeks 6 and 7 take place at our new home in East Chatham, New York.

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Red-Tail Hawk Overnight Adventure

For ages 10 to 14.

July 9–13 (five days, four nights)

Red-Tail Hawk Overnight Adventure for ages 10 to 14.
Canoe Camp.

Soar into a weeklong immersion of Flying Deer culture, camping for five days and four nights as we take adventure, fun, and friendship to the next level! Campers make the forest their home as we ...

  • Practice leatherworking and make bone tools
  • Learn bowdrill and other fire-making methods
  • Concoct delicious meals using steam pits and other primitive cooking techniques
  • Stalk the nighttime forest in scouting games
  • Play "Leopards and Wolves"—Capture the Flag with a Flying Deer twist
  • Take Jedi Training ... and much more!

This camp is appropriate for nature-loving children who are emotionally prepared for an exciting week away from home. 

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Wolf Camp

For ages 11 to 13.

August 6–10

One day of day camp (9:00 am–3:00 pm) followed by a four-day, three-night backpacking trip. 

Flying Deer Wolf Camp

A small group of campers led by experienced instructors begin with one day of day camp, building our community and developing the knowledge and skills necessary for the journey ahead. On Tuesday morning, we trek into the mountains, where we climb summits, eat and laugh around campfires, and enjoy the freedom that backpacking provides.

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Camp Sherwood

For ages 13 to 16.

July 16–20 (five days, four nights)

Camp Sherwood for ages 13 to 16.

Enter the shadowy world of the scout, where we merge mind and body with the forest and learn to see without being seen. After undergoing a fun, challenging test to join Robin Hood’s merry forest ruffians, we’ll embark on a weeklong series of unforgettable adventures to dangerous lands as we set traps, seek gold, solve riddles, and save our friends.

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Adirondack Canoe Expedition

For ages 14 to 18.

August 13–18 (six days, five nights)


Paddle your way through the wilderness, making and breaking camp each day to the sound of loons, sleeping under the stars, and immersing yourself in the tranquility of the waters. Learn the skills necessary to make life comfortable miles away from civilization. This is a journey in the wild with an emphasis on practical skills and having a great time! Fishing included as an optional food-gathering activity!

Download a Welcome Letter with schedule, to-bring list, and directions below.