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Song of the Forest: Understanding Bird Language

Saturday, August 12

9:00 am–2:00 pm

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, 472 West Mountain Rd., Lenox, Mass.

$50 for adults; $40 for separate kids' program
Flying Deer: Bird Language Club

Attuning to the language of the birds will enrich your life, help you find your center, and bring you closer to the world around you—both the natural environment and the humans you live and work with.

This powerful one-day workshop, co-hosted with Mass Audubon and facilitated by Flying Deer Nature Center instructors, introduces you to the science and art of interpreting Bird Language, increasing your mindful awareness, empathy, and sensitivity to your surroundings.

This powerful one-day workshop, co-taught by Flying Deer Nature Center and Mass Audubon instructors, introduces you to the science and art of interpreting Bird Language. Workshop leader Devin Franklin, Flying Deer Programs Director, has over two decades' experience studying and teaching Bird Language in the tradition of Jon Young, author of What The Robin Knows. He will present fundamental building blocks of Bird Language, including the Five Voices of the Birds and Shapes of Alarm.

Workshop co-leader Dale Abrams, Education Coordinator for Mass Audubon's Berkshire Sanctuaries, brings years of experience observing and interpreting bird behavior in the wild. He will introduce science-based bird communication concepts combined with observation techniques to help participants consider more deeply the "who" and "why" of communication within the avian community. 

Birds and animals share a common language, and the ancient skill of interpreting this language helped our ancestors survive in the wild. It's a skill we've forgotten as our society has become increasingly disconnected from nature. Come get "in tune" with the song of the forest as you learn and practice Bird Language theory through lecture, discussion, field exercises, and more.

Birders, naturalists, educators, conservationists, and nature-loving families will leave with a new way of seeing the world and our place in it. The kids' group will learn, practice, and explore bird language on their own, then join the larger group to share end-of-day observations. 

Bring your own lunch and a reusable mug, and wear warm layers. You'll receive additional instructions after registering.