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Register and Apply for Financial Assistance

This form will take you through both the financial assistance and program registration process. If you do not wish to apply for financial assistance, register at this link.

Deadline for Financial Assistance applications for Summer Camp 2017 is Saturday, May 20.

**We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome to complete your online Financial Assistance Application. Please do not use Safari, and please do not do this application on your phone or iPad as we are still working out technical difficulties with our mobile interface.

What you’ll need to complete this application:

  • A digital copy of your most recent 1040 tax return or other proof of income. We'll ask you to e-mail that to us as part of the application process.
  • If you are applying for one or more children, a digital copy of their most recent immunization record to upload, if they are immunized. If they are not immunized, you will have the option to indicate that.
  • Credit Card or Paypal Account to make a $50 deposit.  

You will be able to save this form and return to it later if necessary. After you finish this application, you will be directed to the Registration Form to continue the application/registration process. 

Making Payments: Once financial assistance is awarded, you may pay remaining tuition online via PayPal or credit/debit card, or mail a check to FDNC, 5 Abode Rd., New Lebanon, NY 12125.

Name of Participant(s)
Program you or your child(ren) wish to attend
Fiscal Responsibility
List names of person or persons responsible for program fees.
Income Information
Monthly household income of participant(s)’ household (including child support, if applicable).
Number of adults in household.
Number of children in household.
Proof of Income

Please e-mail us proof of income, such as your most recent 1040 income tax return (first page only) and/or pay stubs for the last six months. If your financial circumstances have changed significantly from the information contained on your return, please explain this in the question below regarding special circumstances.

If you are unable to provide a tax return or pay stubs, please e-mail us a financial statement explaining your current circumstances. If you have one, you may also include a copy of your letter of certification for Free and Reduced Price Lunch. 

Additional Information
Why do you need financial assistance? Please explain any circumstances you would like the committee to consider when reviewing your application.
How much assistance do you need in order for your or your child(ren) to attend the program? Please list a dollar amount; answers such as "as much as possible" or "whatever is available" are not helpful for the Financial Assistance Committee in determining your award.
Why is it important for you/your child(ren) to attend? What do you hope you/your child(ren) will gain from the experience? (We encourage older children to complete this section themselves.)
Flying Deer’s Financial Assistance program is made possible by our fundraising activities throughout the year, including our annual Flying Deer Day celebration, annual appeals, special events, etc. If you are interested in volunteering to support our fundraising activities, please list any skills you can offer—these might include cooking, setup or cleanup, administration, or helping to solicit items for our silent auction.
I have read and completed this form to the best of my ability and certify that all information included is accurate.
Are you human?