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Monthly Nature Clubs for Adults

Flying Deer: Bird Language Club

Wildlife Tracking Club with Josh Wood

For ages 18 and up. Meets the first Sunday of each month from 9:00 am to noon.

Flying Deer's monthly Wildlife Tracking Club is a great opportunity for adults to further their nature education and knowledge of the local wildlife, and spend time in the fields and forest. Whether you're approaching the art of tracking for the first time, or have been tracking for years, the Tracking Club offers something for you!

Explore local habitats and find animal tracks and sign-clues that reveal a wealth of information. While interpreting what we find in the field, we open a window into the lives of the local wildlife. Expect to find yourself well off the beaten path, traveling down hidden deer trails and peeking into the rocky refuges of porcupines! Learn how to stay on the trail and how to identify animals, track patterns, scat, scent markings, bones, nests, and more.

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Bird Language Club with Devin Franklin

For ages 13 and up. Second Saturday of most months. Meets 10:00 am–12:00 pm in East Chatham. 

Do you have access to a backyard with a handful of bushes, a nearby park with a few trees, or a vacant lot with some scattered wildflowers? If so, then it’s time to get to work locating the wild creatures who creep in plain sight, yet often go undetected by you and your neighbors.

Red fox, long-tail weasel, screech owl, Cooper’s hawk… How often do you witness these masters of stealth? Yet they are likely there, often right under your nose. Bird Language is a key to unlocking the mysterious lives of these and other wild neighbors.

Bird Language Club meets monthly to practice the art and science of listening to and interpreting the language of the birds. It’s a mind-blowing journey into a deeper awareness of our natural surroundings and our place in nature as human beings.

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