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Michelle Apland

Executive Director

Michelle’s passion for the wild led her into environmental conservation early in life. When she was 19 she spent five-and-a-half months thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, which launched her into the world of wilderness skills. She soon began taking classes with the Tracker School in New Jersey, focusing on Philosophy and Healing. Michelle complements these studies with training in naturalist mentoring and community building with Wilderness Awareness School and Vermont Wilderness School. In 2001, Michelle earned degrees from Prescott College in Environmental Education and Eco-psychology. She has enhanced her skills by studying herbalism and mentoring with Lorene Wapotich of Her Feet on the Earth and becoming a Kripalu Yoga teacher. Michelle discovered Flying Deer Nature Center in 1999 and fell in love with the beauty of what she saw. She returned in 2000 to take a leading role in guiding its growth as a Naturalist Community. Michelle is passionate about working with children and families and specializes in leading programs for women and girls.

Michelle Apland, Executive Director