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Kevin Bose


Instructor Kevin Bose has an endless supply of excitement and curiosity for bird language, wild plants, tracks, critters, stories, and any other natural mystery. He is grateful to have shared this enthusiasm with young  people, as a mentor for eight years at Forest Floor Wilderness Programs in Asheville, North Carolina, and now at Flying Deer. Kevin sees nature connection as a powerful tool not only for bringing out an individual’s gifts, but also for rebuilding the "village" in the human community. He is a graduate of the yearlong Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program, focusing on nature mentoring, culture repair, and permaculture  design, where he was mentored by Jon Young, Penny Livingston, and James Stark. Kevin also holds a master's degree in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community. He loves to explore the forest with his two boys as often as possible.

Kevin Bose, Instructor