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Josh Wood

Program Director

Josh brings his passion for outdoor living, primitive skills, tracking, and nature connection into focus as Assistant Director and instructor at Flying Deer. Drawing on his childhood experiences building forts, honing slingshot skills, and exploring wild places, he strives to create an environment for his students that reflects the fun, wildness, and freedom that children seek out naturally. He has traveled extensively around the country and studied with the Tracker School and the Wilderness Awareness School. His bow-making and frog-catching skills he owes to his two boys, Angus and Ezra. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing guitar and tenor banjo, chopping wood, and catching up on the latest happenings in the back 40. Keep your eye out and you might find him wandering Rattlesnake Den Mountain with his family. Josh holds a Level III Tracker certificate through Cybertracker Conservation.

Josh Wood, Assistant Programs Director