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Homeschool Intro

Flying Deer Richmond After-School Program
Flying Deer Homeschool Program in New Lebanon for Ages 7 to 13

Registration for Spring 2018 Forest Kindergarten and Homeschool Programs opens soon!

Our weekly homeschool programs offer children ages 4 to 13 the opportunity to engage with their environment through exploration, teamwork, crafting, and play. Whether it's sunny, snowy, or rainy, each day will be filled with opportunities to learn and grow in the natural environment. Our programs are uniquely crafted by our mentors to meet the needs and interests of the group.

Two Locations: We offer Homeschool Programs for ages 4 to 13 in two locations: on Wednesdays at our home base in New Lebanon, New York, and on Fridays at Bartholomew's Cobble in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Most homeschoolers attend one of the two programs, depending on which day or location works best for them, and some attend both days. 

Forest Kindergarten: Children in Woolly Bears (Forest Kindergarten), for ages 4 to 6, experience the wonders of nature through direct interaction with the forest. Through storytelling, songs, games, and exciting adventures, children learn the valuable skills of paying attention to the environment, their friends, and their own needs. Perhaps most importantly, their sense of imagination and wonder is allowed to grow and flourish amidst the enchantment of the natural world.

Homeschool Curriculum for Ages 7 to 13: Through storytelling and immersive experiences, we explore curriculum areas such as Naturalist Identification, Survival and Primitive Craft Skills, Wildlife Tracking, Awareness Exercises, Community Building, and much more. In the process, the children come to understand and practice the natural rhythms of day-to-day life, teamwork, peacemaking, physical fitness, stories, accountability for actions, and advanced scientific inquiry. We create an environment of passion-based learning in which many things can be learned and applied simultaneously, creating individualized and holistic learning.

Half-time FOREST program for School Kids: For children enrolled in school, we offer a half-time option (typically six of the 10 sessions each semester) for our FOREST homeschool program, for ages 7 to 13 in New Lebanon. Many parents have had great success in fortifying their child's classroom education with half-time attendance, while giving them the opportunity to spend more time in nature. For more information, e-mail us and we'll send you details on our Homeschool curriculum, designed to help parents and school administrators make an informed decision.