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Meg Agnew, Board Chair, is an experienced bodyworker, business owner, performer and lover of nature. Her passion for serving on the Board stems largely from the many years her family has benefited from Flying Deer’s mission. From its first homeschool programs, to her participation in Women in the Woods, to her son’s involvement as a counselor and now an instructor, Meg has watched the organization grow, and one experience at a time, change the world for the better. 

Jane Bernstein is a writer, editor, and life coach whose writing has appeared in an eclectic group of publications, including The Boston Globe, Natural Awakenings, and The American Gardener. She holds decades-old degrees in English and Italian literature, studies bird language these days, and champions the transformative power of story. A chapter editor of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting With Nature (2nd ed., 2010) and a student in the first cohort of Flying Deer’s immersion program for adults, Awakening Wild, Jane brings bottomless enthusiasm, a knack for asking clarifying questions, and a proofreader’s focus to our board, as well as the conviction that deep nature connection for humans is vital for the well-being of all life on this wondrous planet.

Umit Celebi joined the Board in 2015. He lives in New York City, where he works as an actor. Umit, his wife, and their two daughters have spent much of their free time over the last 20 years in the Berkshires. Umit was first exposed to Flying Deer as a guest at a Sacred Fire Initiation ceremony, and later his daughter attended Flying Deer for two summer sessions. He is on the Board's Budget Committee and also focuses on building the Flying Deer community in New York City. Umit's previous nonprofit experience includes three years as an executive board member of the Tribeca Learning Center, where he served as vice president of fundraising.

Tes Reed has mentored children in the ways of nature for eight years, including co-directing Flying Deer’s Moon Tribe rites-of-passage program with Executive Director Michelle Apland since 2009. She has participated in the Art of Mentoring, an 8 Shields nature connection and mentoring program held at the Vermont Wilderness School and in other locations around the country. Tes holds a degree in criminal justice and worked as a criminal investigator for the state of Massachusetts. She is dedicated to supporting Flying Deer’s mission so that its work can benefit future generations as much as it has benefited her own children and their peers. She brings to the board her creative fire, accountability, and a great sense of humor.

Arti Ross Kelso, owner of Optimal Wellness Lifestyle Strategies, connects deeply with nature as a practitioner of indigenous ceremonies, a household herbalist, and a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. Over the years, her two sons have been Flying Deer campers, Sacred Fire initiates, counselors and instructors. She has participated in Flying Deer’s Woman in the Woods and Women’s Vision Quest programs. Arti serves on the Board because of the impact Flying Deer has had on her own family and so many other families, and her desire to see its work shared with as many individuals and communities as possible. She believes Flying Deer holds meaningful solutions to many of our modern culture’s dilemmas, “most importantly, connecting people with the sacredness of the earth and nature, within themselves and within community.”

Rebecca Sadlon, a freelance editor and business owner, brings to Flying Deer’s Board more than 20 years’ combined experience in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. With skills in marketing, communications, and event planning, she is passionate about supporting the wisdom and inspiration Flying Deer brings to its community. Rebecca serves as the board’s Secretary, and is working with Flying Deer’s Co-Director, Devin Franklin, on a nature education guide that will bring Flying Deer’s sense of curiosity and connection to readers throughout North America.

Malene Waldron brings to the Board a background in design, marketing, and branding, including three years as Promotion Art Director for Vogue magazine, and eight years with the Arnell Group, as Creative Director and then Senior Vice President. She serves on the Board because believes that the way we walk on this earth is informed by our understanding of nature’s ways. She supports Flying Deer’s work for the great benefit it provides individuals, as well as the ripple effect this has on our planet and humankind. Malene has been instrumental in Flying Deer’s collaboration with the Fresh Air Fund, which brings New York City children to Flying Deer summer camp each year.

Steve Young, Board Treasurer, has been involved in nature education for more than 20 years. A graduate of renowned naturalist Jon Young’s Kamana Naturalist Training program, he co-founded Deep Wilds and the Vermont Wilderness School, where he also served as executive director. Steve currently leads youth programs at Heldeberg Workshop in his hometown of Voorheesville, New York. He believes strongly in the importance of introducing young people to the natural world and to the ways in which indigenous people have related to each other in community throughout time.