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A Visit from Rainbow Crow


Today we had a very special visit from Rainbow Crow. She told us that we have been excellent stewards of the land and she has noticed how well we are taking care of each other, too! As a gift, Rainbow Crow gave each of us a nature name. The magical thing about nature names is that we don't choose them, rather, they choose us! There is always something they can teach us about the world and about ourselves!

One of the many skills that we like to practice at Flying Deer is fox walking. This is when you walk very slowly, placing one foot so carefully in front of the other that you make almost no noise at all. It takes a lot of practice, but if you get really good at it you can even have squirrels eat out of your hands! We tried to fox walk up to the FOREST group in a cattail marsh, but it was challenging to stay quiet with all the dried reeds under our feet. We ended up giving them a basket full of dried cattail fluff for them to use for tinder for their fire.

And then we were off to our campsite to continue working on our wattle wall. With many weaving saplings and some willow branches we were able to almost complete a whole wall. Some of the children continued to fill up holes with smaller and thinner branches to make it more airtight. Others went on a hunt for more posts and were even able to saw down a tree together! We also used some of the willow branches to make beautiful wreaths and crowns.

We closed our day by taking home a crow feather that Rainbow Crow left behind for us!

—Julie Kunz