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Tucker's Story of the Day

The Story of the Day today is from Tucker, who is tied with Lila for "Best counselor ever"! They both bring so much knowledge, skills, passion for learning, kindness and caregiving, hard work, fun, and all around and unique awesomeness to this program. Having counselors in our programs allows for more one-on-one time with the kids, healthy and positive role models that are closer to the children's ages, and mentoring and learning across generational lines and on different and layered levels: from kids to counselors, counselors to kids, instructors to counselors, counselors to instructors, and so on. They are a wonderful part of the Flying Deer community and our little multi-age community in the forest on Fridays! They volunteer their time, and so much more, and I am consistently amazed by them, and immensely grateful, for all that they bring. Lila will write the Story of the Day next week. Please enjoy Tucker's below!
We started out the day with a morning circle with the Cobblers and then sang a song about Coyote. Then we played a game called Fishy Fishy Cross my Ocean. Then we went and observed our maple tree that we have been watching for a couple weeks. We walked to our campsite and when we got there we had snack. Theresa told a story about a girl that would go out to fish with her father. One day she saw a pouch with gold on it and she grabbed it and she turned into a mermaid.
We made a mud potion and ID'ed the plants as we put them into the potion. The group that was making arrows went to finish their arrows, then went to the Cobblers to show them how to make a fire.
Meanwhile the rest of the Woolly Bears made a fire with steel, then went on a hike to finish their magic wands and decorate them. Then we all met up and had lunch with each other and then grandmother Willow came with a basket holding nature names. The Woolly Bears each picked a nature name and now most of the Woolly Bears have nature names. We showed each other what we had made, played for a while, then walked back to the parking lot and sang our ending song, "May Troubles Be Less."
We all had a great time!
—Tucker, Lila, Julie, and Theresa