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Spider Webs and Nature Names


Today was epic at the Cobble!  The Woolly Bears followed a series of notes and clues left by Grandmother Spider that led them across the Cobble landscape (including into a cave) and back to our camp, only to find Tucker caught in a giant spider web trap. We found him and freed him! Then he revealed that he had been trapped by the trickster Zimpazamparoo, but he had also been given a basket full of nature names. So, we gave out nature names to each of the children. 

First I told them a story of how I first received my nature name, but didn't like it so much. Later I found out how powerful and cool it was and have never changed it since. Then each child reached into the basket with their eyes closed and tried to feel which name was calling them because it had been given to them by Mother Nature.  

Later, we all agreed that we should leave some traps for the tricky Zimpazamparoo, in case he, it, or she returns.

That is a small slice of the happenings of today!

Kevin, with Julie, Lila, and Tucker