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Some Cool Things We Did


Today's post was written by Lila, our fabulous counselor: It was another beautiful day at Bartholomew's Cobble! We started our day with a morning circle with the Cobblers, and then we hiked to a little screen house to have snack. During snack, we heard a Native American legend about why the leaves fall. After snack, we split into groups. Here are some of the cool things we did:

  • explored some caves
  • found a deer skull
  • made willow bark wands
  • went to a giant hollow tree
  • made a map
  • found leaves that matched our paint color charts.

After our hike, we met up at the screen house to have lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the parking area and played some games and did some leaf drawing and tracing. It was a great day!

—Lila, Tucker, Julie, and Kevin