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Preserving the Colors of Autumn


After a morning circle packed with gratitude, songs, and Show and Tell (including a snake and a skull!) we "snaked" our way to the sunny field for a snack and story. I told a story about the collapsing of a Rainbow Bridge and the spilling of its colors onto the autumn leaves, which, clearly, has happened every autumn since!

Eager to preserve the colors of the Rainbow in beeswax, we set off on a leaf-gathering adventure. We filled baskets with yellow, red, orange, brown, and green leaves and checked out the Cobble side of this area along the way. We found some black and white feathers, scat with hair in it, ancient cliffs, tiny caves, and chewed-up acorns that shared the story of a hungry, hiding squirrel or chipmunk.  

We took turns dipping the leaves in beeswax, calling them by name (Maple, Oak, Cottonwood, Beech) and playing a tag game, holding leaves, with Maples on one team and Oaks on the other. When you are tagged by someone on the opposite team, you switch leaves!  

Back across the field, and up the hill, we hiked to camp. We all gathered firewood and then sung the fire into flames. Some of us gathered hemlock (asking kindly first), and set the pot on the fire for tea.

With the morning behind us, we sang our gratitude for the food in our lunch—remembering the effort it took to reach our lunch boxes, and practicing pausing in reverence for that helped us to enjoy gobbling it up even more!

After lunch, we put up a rope swing, sawed weavers, sharpened sticks, practiced with flint and steels, explored, and played and played and played! We closed by sharing our favorite parts of our day.

—Theresa Wood