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Mud, Rain, Fun, and Games

It kept a pretty steady pour of rain the whole day but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. We had our morning circle, played games, and made a mud rainbow potion. Then we had snack while Julie told a story about little bird finding her voice. 
Part of the group went up the hill to the campsite. The other part of the group went on an adventure to the Cobble side of the land and found all sorts of cool things, like shiny rocks and mushrooms. 
Up at the Woolly Bears camp, they made a fire and dyed eggs with onion skins to resemble the camo'd eggs of nesting ground birds. Once the eggs were done, the Woolly Bears had an egg hunt. When all the eggs were found we put the eggs in nests we had made earlier. Then we played the funnest game in all of Flying Deer history, called Hawk and Bird Tribe.
We put the fire out and walked down the hill to the visitors Center and had lunch. We drew pictures, played a game called Sausage, and went outside to play What time is it, Mr. Fox? 
We closed with our circle and a song.
—Tuck, Lila, Theresa, and Julie