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Maples, Mud, and More


Spring is truly right around the corner with scattered rain showers, sunrays poking through the clouds, and Robins proudly singing their song.

After a fun morning circle of songs and a game of trying to catch each other's fingers, the Woolly Bears set off on their adventures. We met up with Miss Maple, a friend who is preparing to show us the magic of what happens to trees in the spring time. We will be observing and taking pictures of the growth of the leaves coming out of the buds during the rest of this semester.

After a couple weeks exploring other parts of the land, we needed a day at our camp. We started off hearing a story about how the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone play an important role in creating the seasons in our world. Every year, Persephone goes down under the earth to find jewels and treasures, which turn into flowers every spring. While Demeter awaits her daughters return, she lays on the stone that covers the whole in the ground and the land goes quiet and snow covers her to keep her warm, thus creating winter.

Then we challenged ourselves to making a fire under our new tarp. And successful we were! Some of us helped place the necessary sticks to make a tipi in our fire pit while others gathered armfuls of firewood. Then everyone got a turn practicing creating sparks with flint and steel.

The Woolly Bears split up into two groups for the rest of the day. Some of us went on the hunt for willow branches, which we cut and stripped of their bark to make arrows. We will be using the bark for something special soon! Back at camp, we noticed that there was a lot of water around our little wattle wall house, so we dug out paths for the water to flow around it. We spent a lot of time fishing in the lake that pooled at the bottom of the hill and also built a bridge to stand on. A muddy day it was!

Those of you who are making arrows, we hope that you continue to bend the willow branches as it dries out, and bring them back next week. Those of you who stayed at camp, I hope you cook those fish you caught and that they are delicious!

—Julie, Theresa, and Tucker