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Lila's Story of the Day

The Story of the Day today is from Lila, who is tied with Tucker for "Best counselor ever"! They both bring so much knowledge, skills, passion for learning, kindness and caregiving, hard work, fun, and all around and unique awesomeness to this program. Having counselors in our programs allows for more one-on-one time with the kids, healthy and positive role models that are closer to the children's ages, and mentoring and learning across generational lines and on different and layered levels: from kids to counselors, counselors to kids, instructors to counselors, counselors to instructors, and so on. They are a wonderful part of the Flying Deer community and our little multi-age community in the forest on Fridays! They volunteer their time, and so much more, and I am consistently amazed by them, and immensely grateful, for all that they bring. Tucker wrote last week's Story of the Day; please enjoy Lila's below!

Happy Leek Day!  The day started out cloudy and cool and quickly warmed up to be a beautiful day at Wooly Bears!  

After a song, a game, and a circle with the Cobblers, we headed to camp for snack and a story.  On our way to camp, we observed how much the forest has changed in just one week. We heard a Native American legend about how the flower came to be. After that, we decorated our camp with a banner and balloons for Leek Fest.  
Then we split into two groups. One group went on a hike, collected wild edibles, planted some wild leeks, and made leek butter. The other group stayed closer to camp, planted leeks, made a fire, collected wild edibles, and also made leek butter.
Some of the wild edibles we collected were:
Burdock root
Garlic mustard
Both groups met up at camp for lunch. After lunch, we cooked the wild edibles that we found and brought them back to share with parents.
We had a great day! Looking forward to next week!
—Lila, Tucker, Theresa, and Julie