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How Rabbit Got His Long Ears


We started off our day at the Cobble with a tale about how Rabbit is the way he is today. After a large snowstorm, Rabbit was in search of a good home since his usual resting place was completely covered up. He climbed high up on a tree to get a better view of where he would be able to rest, but found that he was unable to get back down! He tumbled down into the snow but, on the way, his ears got caught in the branches and pulled them into the long shape they are now, his legs shortened and bent when he landed, and his face was flattened. His tail was also broken among the branches, which is why you can see soft little bunny tails in the trees at this time of year (i.e., buds).

Today, we also learned about the structure of a certain type of snow shelter called a quinzee. This is when you make a huge pile of snow, wait several hours for the sun to meld and harden the snow, and then you start hollowing it out. And dig we did! All day we created tunnels and eventually a large enough shelter to fit several Woolly Bears in at a time. Sometimes, native people would measure the thickness of the shelter by inserting sticks about 1 foot long as a gauge. This is to ensure that the walls are not too thick or too thin. It's really cozy in there!

The rest of our day was filled with other snowy activities. Some of us went sledding while others went for a walk to find some animal signs. Sightings included a small feather and a pecked-out hole in a tree.

Looking forward to seeing if our shelter and snow village is still there next week!

—Julie, Theresa, Tucker, and Lila