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Hawks Flying, Cloth Dyeing, Tying Knots, and Potion Pots


Our amazing counselor, Tucker, wrote the story of the day today. Enjoy!

We started out the day with our opening circle and saw two hawks flying above us. It was quite chilly this morning, so we warmed up our bodies with animal stretches. Then we headed up to our campsite. 

When we got to our campsite, we ate a snack and the Woolly Bears got a visit from Grandmother Spider. She taught us how to tie an overhand knot and gave us cloth and dye with a special potion made from her eggs. The Woolly Bears gathered firewood for a fire to boil the potion and then put the cloths in the potion. We also made a big spider web out of string and the Woolly Bears used the overhand knot they learned from grandmother spider. 

The Woolly Bears had lunch and made backpack hooks so they could hang up their backpacks. Then the potion was taken out of the fire and the cloths were taken out of the potion. We looked at the beautiful patterns that dye made on our cloths.

Then we had some free time to play in our spider web and shelter. We packed up our bags and headed back to the parking lot and sang the goodbye song.

—Tucker, Lila, Kevin, and Julie