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Gathering Sticks, Striking Sparks


It was another summer-like day for the Cobble Woolly Bears. After a fun opening circle with the Cobblers, we headed to our camp in the hemlock forest. The fairies put up a tarp for us and it actually did keep some rain from falling on our heads at one point when we had a short sun shower.  

During snack, Julie shared an ancient story about how Spider Grandmother stole the sun. It was a good story to get the kids excited to make fire. After the story, we showed them three piles of different-sized sticks that they needed to gather more of. We explained how a spark is like a baby being born and needs larger and larger food as it grows. The gathering they did was impressive. We actually had extra firewood to save for next time. Kevin showed a few of them how to build a fire tipi while Julie, Tucker, and Lila helped to gather the sticks.  

With the tipi built, we headed out onto the land in two separate groups to find tinder. Our group found dried thistle, cattail, dried goldenrod, cedar bark, and some trees that were dropping walnuts all over the place. When we returned there was so much tinder gathered that each child got to light their own tinder bundle with either a match or flint and steel.  

We finished the day with some free play (lots of building!) and hemlock tea!

—Kevin, Julie, Lila, and Tucker