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First Spring Day at Camp Hemlock

We have only 3 rules at Woolly Bears, which we like to think of as more of a vital basket to hold the culture we seek to cultivate and live within. If you're following the 3 Respects—respect for others, self, and the earth—you're in pretty good shape as a person and a community! After everyone shook their tail in agreement with these 3 respects, we could move on to the fun!
We all worked hard making camp after the winter break. Some kids loaded each other's arms with firewood. Some hauled logs to make a path to our camp and fix up our benches. Others cleared out the fire pit and prettied the rocks, while some children asked the hemlocks, respectfully, for some needles to make tea. We practiced lighting a fire, in small groups, with our flint and steels and cattail tinder, and after many sparks and lots of practice we sang our fire into flames and settled in for lunch.
Over lunch, we heard a story about a big black beautiful spider, two mouse sisters, and their archery skills, and the hard work that all of the rest of the animals did together to sing and imagine the first rainbow across the spring sky and drive away the long, cold winter.
After lunch we: played Eagle Eye, looked for tracks, built a snow fairy village, and played and played and played! We enjoyed our Hemlock tea while sharing our favorite part of our day. 
See you next week!
—Theresa, Julie, Tucker, and Lila