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A Wild-Foods Feast


We had another warm, sun-filled spring day of discoveries today at Meetinghouse Farm. We started off with a game called Nutty Squirrels, which involves teamwork and blindfold awareness. Then, after a story from Josh about a girl adopted by bears, we split up into two groups.  

Josh took his group to set up a couple of traps that they have been working on. On their adventures, they found bear hair in the fence!

I took my group further out into the backwoods looking to see if we could find any Ostrich Fern fiddleheads. We found many on our journey, but were surprised to find a bunch right next to our campsite, which we had not noticed last week. While out there we found about five different kinds of fiddleheads and learned the difference. Most are ones you shouldn't eat.  

Just before lunch, we all regrouped at the camp and split into two teams for a competition of making leek butter. After each group shook the jars (passing them around and chanting), we opened them and declared a tie! We spread it on some bread (both gluten and gluten-free) and shared for lunch, and used it to cook up leeks, pheasant-backed mushrooms, and fiddleheads after lunch. Another wild-foods feast! We also used a mullein stock to make a torch with pine sap that has been dripping out of the pines at camp lately. 

During that time we got a chance to sneak up on a tree frog calling out in a nearby cedar tree. We finished off the day playing a new version of Bobcat Dodgeball. How many people get to do all that in one day?

—Kevin and Josh