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In Which We Meet a Turtle and Seek a Wompus (Among Other Things)


Today's post was written by our amazing counselor, Nathaniel: We had a great day at FOREST today despite the cold. We started the day out with an opening circle. Tucker and I did Chickadee forms, which is a warming-up exercise, and then Josh led a very funny penguin song and dance with the whole group. Afterwards, the Woolly Bears and the FORESTers split up to go do different things. The FORESTers went up to the game field and played a high-energy game of Bobcat Dodgeball, and then had snack while Josh told a story about a girl saving her tribe from starvation with help from a spider.  

After snack, we went down near the small pond and Will very funnily explained a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was two teams that had to find different objects in nature like animal tracks, certain plants, trees, and nuts. Different nature finds were worth different amounts of points, and the team with the most points won. In the middle of the scavenger hunt, Tucker dressed up as a turtle, and made us all laugh with his hilarious turtle imitation and asked us for help to make a map as evidence against a beaver destroying the turtle's pond. The scavenger hunt went great and everybody had tons of fun, and then we hiked up to our campsite, lit a quick fire, and had lunch under the tarp. After that, we had 15 minutes of free time.  The group then split into two halves, one group led by Josh, Will, and Tucker, trailed a Wompus, one of Flying Deer's mythical creatures, and the other group, with Theresa, Max, and me, almost finished their fire bowdrill kits. Most people just need a bowstring and they will be done. 

Then we circled up and talked about sit spots and then did a short sit spot. After five minutes, everyone came back to camp and huddled under the tarp, and Theresa gave out nature names to people who didn't have them or wanted to change them. Even though it was cold, we had a super fun and packed day, and I bet everyone is going to sleep well tonight.