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The Stone Age Draws to a Close

Flying Deer Homeschool Program in New Lebanon for Ages 7 to 13
What a whirlwind this last day was! A mysterious friend calling himself "The Raven" (No relation to Raven the Instructor) left two whole strings of clues out on the landscape that each group followed, using our wits and skill along the way. Ravens are known to lead wolves and humans to herds of caribou and other such hoofed ones that seem so universally bound to be dinner. If there is food left over for the Raven, they continue the practice of helping hunters find their prey. 
So it was with this one. Each clue contained a riddle, indicating an area on the Cobble—a cave, a giant tree, the river bend where the Kingfishers dig their nests, a skunk den, etc. Along the way, the explorers had to pass many challenges: flash floods of glacial melt, stampeding Aurochs, being lost in the dark, and so on! What a fun adventure. At the end of the road was a gigantic cardboard Mammoth. (Dave designed this, and it was fantastic!) Many darts and spears were flown and we had meat, veggie dogs, and apples to roast over the fire as a result. Actually, the Neanderthals, running low on time, opted to spend the short time that was left doing a really good job of honoring each other during the necklace ceremony. Good choice!
The Cro-mags squeezed in the meal and the Honoring just in time to put out the fire, pack up camp, and make it back for celebrations with the parents!
This semester has had a very fun theme. Along the way, we crafted, learned many things about nature, picked up survival skills, and cultivated a strong culture of kindness, helpfulness, appreciation, reverence, and respect (for humans and non-humans alike). It's been a pleasure seeing these young ones grow and support one another to be great people in the great outdoors. Their fiery wild side and their empathetic side complement and support each other nicely.
Have a great summer!
—Josh, Dave, Raven, Emma and Owen