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The Stone Age Begins

The winter weather was an appropriate start to our spring session. This semester, the Cobblers (that's us!) are journeying back in time to Ice Age Europe. Two groups of people make camp and culture in Prehistoric Europe: The Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals. Our task is to learn and practice the skills needed to live large in the Stone Age, creating our own unique toolmaking, plant, and cultural technologies along the way. Respect for each other and for the other unique groups of hominids is paramount, as is respect for the environment. We are already having a blast!
After our great Opening Circle, and a fun game to kick off the day, we journeyed to the nearest cave to conduct our Orientation to Conduct as well as our Orientation to the Stone Age. What better place to do it?! The two groups were established, agreements were made (in sign language) and each group was given their instructions before parting ways.
Our tasks were clear: Make Camp. Make Fire. Make Friends. In addition to this, we began developing our unique cultures. Each group is currently working on a Staff of Unity: a symbolic staff which we carry with us to represent our unity of mind and cultural identity! Other things included a group name and a group chant.
During our time in small groups, we had a run-in! While the Cro-Magnons were engaged with tracking and hunting me down, I sought refuge with a roving band of Neanderthals. I thought it best to take my chances with them! What resulted was a volley of snowballs between the two groups, with the Neanderthals giving me up in the end to resume my flight from the excited Cro-Mags! In the end, we reunited and shared a final game of Saber Tooth Tiger Ball before wrapping up the day together.
Much more excitement awaits us as we journey deeper into uncharted territory in Stone Age Europe! 
—Josh, and the rest of the Stone Age Explorers