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Spring Is in the Air


So much is happening out on the landscape right now! Everything is waking up, returning and alive! This morning in Pownal, we sighted a Bald Eagle and heard some birds just returning to their northernmost range: the Eastern Towhee and the Carolina Wren.

After our much coveted game time in the field, we had snack and I told them the Cherokee story of the Origin of Medicine: how the humans first discovered medicine in the form of plants and learned to care for them, and harvest them in a way that always ensured their return. Then we headed out on the land to harvest some plants to eat. First we planted some more of the delicious wild leeks, or ramps, in our leek patch near the dogwood thicket. The ones from last year came up and look great!  

Next we ate an early lunch and headed out to find some aquatic creatures. One great find was a Caddis Fly larvae that was moving about in its shelter of little sticks and rocks. We found many tadpoles and got pretty wet. From there, we went on a search for some fiddleheads up on the ridge. Unfortunately, all we found were ones that you can't eat. We hope to find some in the coming weeks in other places. We returned, started a fire, and cooked up some leeks, garlic mustard, colfoots, dandelion leaf, and other greens with lots of butter, oil, and salt. The greatest afternoon snack of all!

It was great to see, remember, and greet the return of so many birds and plants everywhere we go!  

—Kevin and Josh