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Shelter Building, Jedi Training, and More


The FOREST Homeschool Group (ages 7 to 13) started our day, after Opening Circle, with a great game of Wolves and Moose, with the FORESTers teaming up to take down the instructors. They had to work together to hunt us (by stealing all three of our bandana tails) without getting tagged. It was a long drawn-out battle! Upon review of the game the students identified several strategies that worked: 1) working as a team 2) using the landscape to their advantage 3) splitting the Moose up. All excellent tried-and-true Wolf strategies! We talked about their adaptation to work as a team to overcome their shortcomings (e.g., lack of sharp claws like a cat). In many ways, the Wolves are much like us, working together to become more effective.

We split into three groups after snack. There were the Plant Gatherers, the Loom Weavers, and the Shelter Builders. Theresa led a group to harvest Burdock root for an afternoon snack of Burdock fries (yum!) and to gather Plaintain, Yarrow, and Nettle for salve-making. Evan and his crew continued work on the shelter, adding rafters to our roof and finishing the third log wall of the structure. The Weavers and I wove two large Cattail mats with the primitive loom to be used for walling off the fourth entry wall of our new home in the forest, and for comfortable mats!

​We wrapped up the day with a good round of Jedi Training! The Jedi Training Center is a place in the woods where (after a very supportive initiation involving traversing a log blindfolded) students and staff put their skill of balance and coordination, agility and awareness to the test! It's a lot of fun, and something we all look forward to each semester.​

—Josh Wood