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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution!

Our day at the Cobble began with our usual "dropping in" practice of voicing gratitude and tuning in to the sounds, smells, and sights of the world around us. So much awaits us when we open our senses and choose to participate in the flow of life around us.
After the Woolly Bears left, we talked about the process of evolution, extinction, and speciation, and played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution! After winning a match of Rock, Paper, Scissors, students would evolve into another life form. The sequence of Evolution went from Egg, to Cuckoo Bird, to Ground Sloth, to Cave Bear, and finally Cave person! We played a few rounds (which was hilarious, as each life form had its own vocal and body language expression!) and had a moment discussing the very "horizontal" nature of evolution favoring diversity rather than giving rise to a pinnacle achievement. 
The two groups diverged for the day after hearing an announcement in sign language about the upcoming Rendezvous, a time and place in three weeks' time when much merriment will take place. The two groups will come together for a day of festivities: building a big fire, bringing food, items to trade, an original game, and their spirit of fun and friendly competition to the gathering. This is a highly anticipated event for us all and we are preparing for it.
The Cro-Magnons heat-bent their Atlatl darts over the fire and fletched them (adding feathers) while the Neanderthals made some gorgeous coal-burned spoons. Many other things happened during the day as well, including elaborate staff skills and target practice, as well as an array of fun games and activities.
We faced off in the field at the end of the day, the Cro-Magnons launching a volley of darts from a safe distance in the Neanderthals' direction, which instigated a moment where both groups ran full tilt towards each other. The surprise was the friendly hugs once we met!
—Josh, Emma, Raven, and Dave