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The Raft Is Launched!

We set ourselves adrift today on Dory the raft! It was a fun experience to see the project through from start to finish and this was certainly a great culminating event! After several weeks of many hands working hard and learning together, we were able to cross the pond!
Our first big challenge of the day was to get the raft to the water, about 30 yards away. No easy task. The relatively light spruce timbers and heavier bracing had accumulated some significant weight! Using log skids, we slid it inch by inch to the water and flipped it in!
Here's what went into the raft:
Heavy hauling of timbers
Sawing logs
Drilling holes
Carving pegs
Driving handmade pegs into the timbers
Making 40 feet of rope to bind it all together
Pushing, pulling, and flipping the heavy craft to the water!
Along the way, we sang songs, got sidetracked on adventures and dreamed of the sea! Hearing stories of the Polynesian Wayfinders inspired us. 
Our first voyage was to meet the friendly Islanders (The Woolly Bears) to trade with. We supplied them with a Sea Shanty and a crate of marshmallows. In exchange, we were given a Treasure Map. The second voyage followed the map to treasure! We got our own crate of marshmallows and returned home to celebrate our success!
The second half of the day involved Jedi Training for one half of the group, while the other half spent the day exploring the water by raft and land, looking for frogs and fish. Lots of good times out there today.
Josh, Theresa, Owen, and Nathaniel