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Making Camp in a FOREST Community

We started the day off journeying across the creek and along the edge of the farm field, until we found a spot to play a game called "Wolves and Moose." Afterwards, we went over the agreements that make our time with each other so good: the 3 Respects, Inclusivity, Speaking Good Words, Awareness of Self and the Environment, Playing Hard, and Working Hard are things that we uphold, as a FOREST community. We re-established our commitment to these values and went to camp.
Upon arrival, we found our Cattail Thatched Lodge in excellent condition! However, the rest of the campsite needed some work, so we sallied forth and began the joyful task of making camp. Students split wood and kindling under the careful guidance of Evan and Owen. Others raked, hauled wood, and organized camp. Another group cleaned out the fire-pit, restacked the stone enclosure, and gathered wispy kindling from the forest. 
After lunch, we began a carving project, after a thorough Knife Safety Orientation. We all made wooden hooks to hang our backpacks on during our time at camp. 
It was time to spread out on the landscape. One group visited the pond, searching for our resident Beaver and finding some sign of its presence, as well as tufts of hair from two different animals. They submerged feet in the icy water on a friendly dare and threw sticks onto the thin ice, watching it shatter and laughing wholeheartedly. The other group explored thickets on the mountain, traveling down hidden deer trails and finding beautiful tucked-away openings in the forest. Along the way, they played hiding games and climbed trees every time the counselors called out "Flash Flood"! 
We finished up around the dying embers of our massive fire, listening to each other's rose, thorn, and bud.
Till next time!
Josh, Theresa, Evan, Nathaniel, and Owen