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Little Lean-To in the Big Woods


The frosty morning gave way to bright sunshine that warmed us up quickly. We arrived at our camp and made a final push to finish our wattle and daub walls to our lean-to. Another giant mixing party ensued while grapevines were carefully tugged down out of the upper reaches of the forest canopy to wind back and forth through the final portions of our walls. When all was done, we felt pretty good about the fruits of our labor and settled into our home in the forest around a fire that was built by the students. Josh produced a coal on the Hand Drill Kit and several students passed around the tinder bundle made from milkweed and clematis down, goldenrod seedheads, wind dried fern leaves, and shredded red cedar bark.

After lunch we all roasted a marshmallow and began our afternoon game. There were the Seekers and the Scouts. The Scouts had a five-minute lead to get away from the Seekers and hide anywhere in the landscape, using their awareness, stealth, and camoflauge to help them. We found some great deer trails, hidden areas, and even what appeared to be an underground den of some kind. We strained our senses, investigated "bird alarms," checked out tracks and totally enjoyed the thrill of the hunt!

—Josh and Kevin