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Life in a Forest Fishing Village


After our morning circle, we made our way to the campsite by the pond, where we ate snack and heard the tale of the Ancient Navigator. Voyaging in their double-hulled canoes, native Polynesians discovered and populated the specks of land scattered throughout the Pacific. They traversed hundreds of miles of ocean without seeing land, navigating only by their knowledge of the stars, winds, swells, and subtleties of the water and weather they couldn’t even name. In the story, we heard how one of the last navigators in the world, Mau Piailug, navigated a traditional vessel using only traditional techniques over the 3000 miles of open ocean between Hawaii and Tahiti.

After the story, we began work on the raft. Crews hauled logs and floats across land and water, carved pegs, and made rope. The campsite felt like an industrious fishing village. We worked hard, and drove our first peg into the raft right before lunch. We look forward to navigating across the pond and encountering new peoples and places when our raft is complete.

After lunch, we played Life in the Forest, a massive game where the children experienced what it was like to live as an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore in the woods, complete with hunters, watering holes, and even the occasional forest fire. Both students and staff had a blast. To end, we each shared one of our favorite moments from the day.

—Theresa, Josh, Evan, Owen, and Nathaniel