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Learning to Tend the Land


Our focus of the day with the FOREST group (ages 7 to 13) was caretaking of the land. We used our imaginations to envision a landscape actively tended by humans for generations in a way that not only benefits the human people, but the non-human people as well. A landscape that is so rich in diversity that it hosts abundant animal, bird, insect, plant, and tree life. Over time, we have made significant improvements to the land and we are in the process of learning to tend the wild more and more... That's what this day was about.

Three groups dispersed to work on the land. One group built a bridge for a stream crossing using scrap lumber, banging nails, and clearing up some blockages in the streams course. One group painted signs to identify trees by their common names. Still yet another group planted Dogbane seeds in an area that we are reclaiming from a host of invasive species by the pond. Dogbane is a wonderful plant that gives us its fibers each fall when it dies back for the winter. Its fibers are so strong that you can fashion a bowstring! 

—Josh, Theresa, and Evan