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Last Day of FOREST

This morning we gathered together making music and rhythm with the Woolly Bears, stretched our bodies with some Animal Form movements, and tuned in with our senses and our gratitude. We gave the Woolly Bears a hearty goodbye with each FORESTer finding a Woolly Bear to give a hug to.
We headed to camp and got ready for a big game of Life and Death in the Forest (an ecology simulation we've done a few times before) involving strategy, awareness and stealth, and lightness of foot! Everyone headed out into the forest and played their hearts out! Our usual watering hole that the animals had to visit every so often to survive was a head-dunking station!
After the game, we took some time catching frogs and toads, letting the mud ooze through our toes as we explored the pond, while others basked in the sun on the floating raft. We ended our morning with a full dunking in the shallow area of the pond! 
Lunch took place in the full sun while we dried off. We pointed out new bird calls (including the Chestnut-Sided Warbler and observed two American Redstarts engaged in a territorial scuffle. Afterwards, we cleaned camp, prepared stations for the parents' arrival, and settled in to our final Honoring Circle. Each student was appreciated in front of the group by a staff member before receiving appreciations from their friends. They were all given a FOREST necklace if it was their first year; returning students added a row of beads to their necklace. What a great use of time, to speak uplifting words to our friends and to let them know in no uncertain terms what we like about them!

—Josh and the Homeschool staff