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Gifts of Nature


Today in our Vermont homeschool program, we set out to collect as much bark as we could. Josh and I were, admittedly, skeptical about how much we would be able to find to cover the roof of our giant lean-to. But in the end we found quite a lot of big pieces of paper birch and other trees. The teamwork that was displayed on this gathering made our group look like a well-oiled machine! All hands were busy cutting the bark from dead trees and hauling it down the hillside. We were able to cover most of the lean-to with what we gathered. 

We also sampled the soil at our campsite, as we intend to dig a fire pit and use the soil to create wattle and daub side-walls. We filled a large mason jar up with about two-thirds soil and the rest water. Then we took turns shaking it vigorously, and let it sit to settle. The test showed that we'll need to gather some clay from the creek to create the right mixture.  

—Kevin Bose