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Games Galore: Odawa Baseball, Blind Ninja, Wolves and Moose, and More!


After saying farewell to our Woolly Bear pals after Opening Circle, we headed out into the sunshine for a game of Odawa Baseball. This Flying Deer classic is one of our more complex games and is best described as a mix between kickball and dodge ball. With our bodies nice and toasty from running about, we settled into snack and heard a legend of Tom Brown, in which he and his friend Rick got the better of some folks disrespecting the earth by using their skills of awareness and stealth. Inspired by this story, our two clans parted ways to each explore the skills of the scout!

The Bobcats warmed up their stealth muscles with a game of Blind Ninja before heading out to sneak up on the Woolly Bears. Finding them away from camp, we played a little trick (inspired by Tom and Rick from the story) on the instructors—who returned to camp to discover their backpacks high up in the trees! 

The Pine Barrens spent some time practicing their fox-walking before embarking on a group blindfold challenge. As a team, they had to make their way from the big field to the campsite while deprived of their sense of sight. They successfully navigated fences, big rocks, and thorns!

After lunch, both groups headed down to the far south of the Cobble to explore and play amongst some large rock outcroppings. The Bobcats completed a difficult team challenge while the Pine Barrens lay in hiding waiting for them to arrive. A quick game of "Run and Scream" saw the clans reunited and a pleasant half hour was spent climbing and exploring the large glacial erratics. We closed our day with a big game of Wolves and Moose, in which the horde of students must steal bananas from Josh and Raven without being tagged. 

It was a lovely day full and hiking, sneaking, running, and lots and lots of games!

—Max, Raven, Theresa, and Josh