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Fox Tails, Wereweasels, Voles, and a Green Man


We started off our Meetinghouse day playing a name game in the parking lot, so everyone could get to know our four visitors and they could get to know us. Next we played an extended session of Fox Tail up in the field to warm up. After moving down to our camp we had story and a snack. Kevin retold the old world story of the Green Man, in which a Squire's son gets to live in the wilderness alone for a year, which changes his whole perspective on life.  

Then we went to work on the Flint and Steel kits made out of birch sticks and ferral rods. The kids got to stain the sticks (handles of the flint and steels) with Black Walnut dye. Then they attached the rods with epoxy onto the handles. Lastly they attached the handle and the striker (made of hacksaw blade) with a cord cut from softened deer hide. 

After an excellent game of Were-weasels and Voles, we headed to the upper hill above the field to play hiding and stalking games in the orchard, trees, and shrubs. A great day!

—Kevin and Josh