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A FOREST Thanksgiving


Today was a mighty fine day for a FOREST Thanksgiving! We would be cooking a great feast and celebrating the world's bounty and our well-earned harvest. Three groups would be working at three different stations for three rounds. We had the Shelter Station, the Cooking Station, and the Throwing Stick Station. The final row of thatch on our shelter needed attention, and of course we needed to hunt for the feast—and what's a feast without a fire to cook upon? Each group got a turn at each station and had a great time doing so. 

The Shelter Station finished our final row of thatch before the roof cap was placed!

The Throwing Stick Station harvested much game in their target practice!

The Cooking Station made a fire, cooked cornbread, roasted pigeons, and made Chaga hot chocolate. (Chaga is a fungi that grows primarily on birch trees. The black growth is an effective and tasty health tonic when simmered for tea.)

After we ate, we had the FOREST Thanksgiving Relay Race! Two teams competed in a neck-in-neck race to great cheers! We wrapped up our day in the Cattail Lodge, all fitting snugly inside.

—Josh, Theresa, and Evan