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Embracing the Elements

We had a spectacular day out in the forest and really embraced the elements of the day: Rain, Fire, Shelter, Fun, Friends. As we crossed Ashley Field this morning, the magical calls of Bobolinks could be heard all around us as the birds took flight from the long grasses and danced overhead. They are at the beginning of their nesting season and we are on the lookout for their nests! One little hollow was found with some bird scats, but that was it, so far! 
As we trudged through the wet grasses, we heard a few comments about the discomfort of being wet. This was the perfect opening for a little discussion about embracing the elements. And embrace them we did!
The Cro Mags decided that we'd wait for snack until the tarp was up and we had a fire. Two groups worked to get a double tarp system hung up and a fire blazing. Then we settled in.
Both groups worked on three-strand rope-making (using discarded baling twine), Pitch Torches, and making tea. The two groups united after lunch to share space and play a big game of Voles and Wereweasels—a mystery game where everyone has a secret role: Voles, Wereweasels, Moles, Mice, Shrews, Flying Squirrels, Chipmunks. They are all trying to uncover the Wereweasels in their midst before it's too late. Today, the Wereweasels won the game. We all had a great time! The rain and the people in this group really made the day special!

—Josh, Raven, Emma, and Owen