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Discoveries Under Blue Skies


This morning, we gathered together under the blue skies, blowing winds, and soaring wings of Red-Tailed hawks, Cooper's hawks, and turkey vultures. We watched, with wonder, the smaller Cooper's hawk dive-bomb the Red Tails and the Red Tails stoically defend themselves with expert flight maneuvers. We paused our circle to wonder about their colors, size, range, and communication styles, and also to share the field guides and binoculars. What a rare and beautiful privilege to see. I was impressed with the raptors, and also with the timelessness, attention, and excitement I felt from the whole group.

On to the big field for three short stories from Josh. Sometimes we tell great myths or legends or humorous stories with direct or subtle morals, but often the most inspiring, reachable stories we tell are personal experiences in nature. Today Josh's stories all shared the same theme: Reverence in nature and the ways in which respecting our home can have consequences in either direction.

For the rest of the morning, we used tanned and smoked buckskin to make our very own slings. We cut pouches, used awls to punch holes, threaded buckskin strings, and learned the overhand and bowline knots to keep it all together. 

After lunch, and for the rest of the day, we hiked, practiced our slings, played games, and discovered.

Some discoveries:

  • Giant fish scales in an animal lay
  • Later, after following clues, a giant fish head
  • Most of a deer skeleton
  • An old silver maple
  • The giant leaves and camo bark of a sycamore tree
  • Maidenhair ferns
  • Queen Anne's lace seeds.

Another great day!

—Theresa, Max, Josh, and Raven