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Crafting at the Cobble

It was a bit nippy the morning when we all rolled in to the Cobble, but it warmed up quick enough. We started our day with a quick morning circle. Then it was Blob Tag in the field and we had a blast.
Theresa told us an awesome story during snack: the tale of how Rainbow Crow became black like he is now. Then our two little groups went our separate ways to collect everything we would need for our afternoon crafts. The Bobcats collected punky wood (old, rotted, spongy wood) and the Pine Barons collected huge bundles of cattail stalks.
We met up in the afternoon just in time to watch the Bobcats light their huge fire by the lean-to. We ate a quick lunch and then spent the rest of the day crafting. Josh helped some of us tan two deer hides, which are now a beautiful golden brown shade and ready to be made into slings! A few of the Bobcats made a beautiful 12-strand rope out of baling twine. Many made lovely mats out of the cattail, to sit on and keep warm on the wet ground. It was a blast!
—Raven and the Cobble crew