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From Cattails to Puffballs


It was a beautiful morning at the Cobble today, crisp and clear. After breaking from our morning circle, we started the day with a big game of Skink Tag (with a twist)! Then a quick snack before rolling into crafts and sling practice.

It was a beautiful sight to see everyone spread across Ashley Field slinging rocks, making cattail mats, catching Atlatl spears, and having a blast. Before we returned for lunch we saw a beautiful bald eagle soaring overhead. We watched it through Max's binoculars and saw the way it rode a column of warm air high into the sky.

After lunch, we hiked to the top of Herlbert's Hill and saw the beautiful hills and fields surrounding us. We played an exciting game of Nutty Squirrels, practiced our Atlatls, and saw a picture of an absolutely enormous puffball. Theresa wrapped up the day by giving everyone new nature names, and they were super! It was a good sunny day full of excitement and adventure. 

—Raven, Max, Theresa, and Josh