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Boat Building Begins

The mild rains and warm sun today helped the FOREST group to welcome back spring and all the life that comes with the season! 
We played a game, and were off to our new canvas tent to hear a story about an enchanted Selkie, part woman and part seal, that wisely grants wishes that teach lessons. Maybe we'll run into one on our new raft?
We split into groups to work on our vessel. The raft group worked diligently, in the rain, making and hammering in wooden pegs to hold our spruce raft together while the craft group began tying together a fishing net, learning overhand knots and working together in the process. We also made a Forest record, 40 feet of three-strand rope to lash our raft and cast out our net on the maiden voyage.
We cozied into the tent, with a wood stove fire, for lunch and tossed about ideas for the name of our raft. We'll vote and hopefully test the raft next week!
For the rest of the afternoon, we hiked through the "rabbitat" and down to the old stone Shaker dam. We climbed through multi-flora rose thorns, up hills, over rocks, and back and forth across the raging spring stream. We challenged our bodies to bend and stretch and be used wholly and fully. And, at the end of the day, we appreciated the happiness, wholeness, and aliveness we all felt being together and in such a beautiful place.
Happy Spring!  
—Theresa, Josh, and Evan