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Adventuring at the Cobble


Another beautiful day with our Cobble Homeschool group! Once at our campsite, we assessed our ever-growing shelter and wondered what to do with the cattails we had cut and hung up to dry. Mats!, I suggested. A loom! suggested Devin. The Cobblers became excited about adding another element of primitive house-making onto their shelter. After snack, we split into two groups: one went adventuring to the most southern point of the Cobble with me, and the others stayed to build fire, make cordage, and start on our cattail loom. 

The adventuring group traveled across rocky cliffs and enormous boulders to a corn field where they attempted to look for arrowheads in the loose dirt. They also gathered acorns which had been conveniently drying in the sun around the oak tree they fell from. Acorns are in great abundance now! But we are in competition with the squirrels and chipmunks for them (as we left out a bucket full of them last week, carefully covered it with a heavy stone, and returned to find it completely empty...). 

Back at camp, the loom went into top gear and Cobblers got into a strong rhythm of lifting the strings and placing the cattails in the weave. Other kids learned about the Dogbane plant, and how its wonderfully fibrous inner bark can make great rope and string when processed properly. Some people even finished a piece of cordage—an amazingly strong way of twisting fiber into rope, and added wooden beads. 

—Josh Wood